Reaching The

Right Party

Is your collections strategy going places?

Right-party contact (RPC) information—such as phone numbers, addresses and place of employment—helps debt collectors reach the right person on the first attempt.

We asked 600+ collections professionals to shed light on how right-party contact data plays into their collections strategy.

Here's what we found:

Collectors in Gridlock

One in Five spends more than half their time manually skip tracing

take 2+ weeks on average to locate an individual

1 month
or longer

Start Your Engine

of collectors believe accurate and up-to-date information in online databases is essential to the success and profitability of their business.

RPC information ranked most important

Having one best phone number for an individual is the most important aspect of right-party contact information.

One best phone number


Place of employment

Top 3 phone #'s

Accelerate Your Process

Almost all collectors (98%) believe advanced search technologies and databases help them collect more and be more efficient.

Despite the advantages, 40% of collectors use online databases to find RPC information only some of the time.





Life in the Fast Lane

"If you don't have the right key, you can't start the car. The same applies to right-party contact information. The wrong data puts the brakes on your collections strategy. Accurate right-party contact data accelerates your recovery efforts."

Peter Ghiselli, VP, Third-Party Collections

red car
gray car gray car

Advanced systems pave the way

Since using online databases and sophisticated technology:

of those collectors have seen increases more than double

of collectors have improved their right-party contact rate

More than 8 in 10 collectors said online databases greatly improve the accuracy of customer information.

Reach Your Destination With The

Right Data

TransUnion supports customers in achieving a common goal:

Collect more while spending less

By arming yourself with our deep, accurate and actionable information, you'll be well-positioned to make better, more confident decisions for a healthier bottom line.