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Money talks: Rethinking what it means to put patients first

Best practices for empowering revenue cycle staff to become patient advocates

Money Talks White Paper

While requesting payment at point of service curtails many bad-debt problems, your staff is likely not trained to conduct those awkward, often anxiety-filled, financial conversations with patients.

Download this new report to learn how you can arm employees with the right mindset, tools and solutions to flip the script on uncomfortable financial discussions. You’ll discover:

  • Why it’s crucial to engage patients early and often in the revenue cycle
  • One shockingly simple way to double your chances of receiving payment
  • Two important reasons to stop treating financial matters as an afterthought of clinical care
  • How to reduce patients’ money concerns and improve patient satisfaction
  • Three types of proactive and data-driven workflows that transform staff from “collections agents” to “financial advocates”

Don’t wait: Coach your employees to conduct upfront financial conversations that improve the customer experience, boost the bottom line—and make their jobs much more satisfying.