A solution to help US businesses and schools reopen
and remain open with confidence.

To support U.S. efforts to move forward safely and confidently in the wake of COVID-19, TransUnion and our partners are developing the HealthyAmericaTM solution. HealthyAmerica gives people the power to securely share COVID-19 testing results while maintaining individual privacy, helping businesses and schools to minimize risk and reopen with greater confidence.

HealthyAmerica combines TransUnion’s verified data identity with confirmed test results through CLX Health, which indicates the presence of illness and/or the existence of COVID-19 antibodies. The results, when received from a national network of CLIA-certified laboratories performing FDA-approved tests, are displayed in a simple application. The solution will easily adapt to changes in testing and COVID-19 care management, including the ultimate development and use of a vaccine. This initiative is being led by TransUnion Healthcare and does not utilize any credit information.

Businesses and schools seeking to welcome back their employees and students as well as airlines, hotels and other organizations and events across the country will be able to use the solution to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other communicable diseases.

To learn more about how HealthyAmerica works, please fill out the form to view our public memo and presentation.

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