of lenders decline at least some credit applicants because they cannot be scoredi

of the U.S. population can now be scored through the fusion of trended credit and alternative dataii

The future is now. Prepare yourself.

Included in the toolkit

TransUnion Data Fusion

The rise of the hybrid approach

See what’s possible when you fuse powerful data assets:

  • Score more consumers with greater precision
  • Expand your universe while minimizing risk
  • Build long-term customer loyalty

Gain insights into what 300+ lenders say about the adoption and competitive impact of alternative data.

TransUnion Data Fusion

Learn how dynamic credit scores can help you say “yes” to the right customers more often.

TransUnion Data Fusion

A hybrid approach of trended credit and alternative data enables a more complete view of risk.

TransUnion Data Fusion

Want to confidently say “yes” more often?

A hybrid approach to risk assessment—trended credit data plus alternative data—can help. And potentially lead to gaining customers for life.

What is trended credit data?
  • 2+ years actual payment amount, as reported
  • 2+ years account history data for each trade line
  • FCRA compliant iii
  • Which means:
  • 26.5 million unscorable consumers can now be scored
  • 23 million+ move to super prime iv
What is alternative data?
  • Checking and debit account management
  • Property, tax and deed records
  • Address stability
  • Payday loans
  • Which means:
  • 9 out of 10 previously unscorable adults can now be scoredv